Defend Your Home with Quality Windows

Heat, cold, and moisture can invade your home – and the easiest path is through your windows. The summers and winters in the Mid-Atlantic states are notoriously harsh and that’s why Valor uses only the highest quality windows that are produced completely in the USA.

No matter how many windows you’re having replaced, window installation can be stressful and expensive. That’s not the case with Valor. As a second generation family owned and operated remodeling firm, we value the lessons of honor and respect that were instilled by our founder, service-disabled veteran Al Kincaid.

Installation Experts

Valor knows that being trained and prepared are what helps make any job go smoother and come out right the first time. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and money in our installation crew.

Every one of our installers completes the Installation Masters training and certification program, which specializes in new construction and replacement installation techniques. When an installer completes the course, we’re confident that he not only knows how to complete the job, but how to do it the right way.

The Right Stuff

Expert installation is only one half of a successful formula when it comes to windows. Our installers are also given the very best materials and techniques, so you can be sure that your home not only looks good, but your new windows are on guard against the elements.

OSI WINT eQ Window Installation System

This compatible window installation is the first of its kind, and it helps take the confusion out of product selection – while reducing the two biggest concerns about windows – keeping the water out and the comfortable air in.

Superior Caulk

Other companies may skimp on caulk, but Valor doesn’t. It just isn’t how we operate.

Every window we install is sealed with the highest quality multi-polymer based caulk. Unlike standard water- or vinegar-based construction grade adhesives, OSI Quad and H2U caulk come with a lifetime warranty! In addition, OSI caulks won’t crack or peel because they are permanently flexible.

Forget About Fiberglass

The traditional fiberglass material is something we don’t use, because it not only absorbs moisture, it can also help breed dangerous mold. In addition, the highly porous nature of fiberglass allows dirt, debris, and airborne allergens easily enter your home.

At Valor we rely on battle-tested TeQ Foam. It dispenses in beads, so it helps seal gaps, cracks, holes, and other spaces around windows. And because it’s dispensed correctly, your windows won’t warp. This foam features a closed cell structure, making it one of the most efficient methods for stopping air and keeping out damaging moisture.

High quality windows installed by certified employees, that’s the Valor Way.

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